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Like with all goods and services you pay for what you get. At Solomon Legal we have set our fee structure to be competitive and flexible. We strive to achieve a balance in proving good quality legal services at an affordable fee structure without compromising our high standards of service

At Solomon Legal we are prepared to work within your set budgets limit and we hope to be affordable for many individuals and business entities. We aim not to be out of kilter with pricing structures of our main competitors.

We are well structured to handle high volumes of legal cases which corresponding means that our clients can benefit from a highly competitive fee structure, offering a scale of fixed fees subject to volume of business, or hourly rate charges for ad hoc instructions. We can arrange direct debit to suit your monthly budget requirements.

The various methods of funding your case are as follows:-

By far still the most common form of funding for the provision of legal services. We will charge you privately for all the work we have done on a time out basis and invoice you at regular intervals. We will give you written details of the hourly rates applicable to your case when you discuss your matter with us

Unless a fixed rate fee ("Quotation") has been agreed, the value of our service is based on the time we spend on a matter and the expertise of our lawyers. Hourly rates vary according to the level of expertise of the lawyers and the area of work involved and will include all necessary legal work which we have done on your behalf and the time spent in dealing with your affairs will include e.g. meetings with you and perhaps others; attending court; any time spent travelling; considering, preparing and working on case papers; cost drafting the work done on your file; preparing costs schedules and costs budgets; dealing with correspondence and making and receiving telephone calls, diagnostically advising you in relation to the matter generally including responding to any further requests for information in order to progress your case, conducting any legal researches, reporting to you in relation to the progress of your case and all incidental work thereto.  Hours are split into 10 units for convenience. A straightforward letter not exceeding one page, or telephone call not exceeding 6 minutes will usually count as one unit.

In addition to the time spent we may take into account a number of factors which include (but not limited to):-
  •  The complexity of the matter;
  •  The skill labour specialised knowledge and responsibility involved;
  •  The time spent on the matter;
  •  The number and importance of the documentation involved;
  •  The place and circumstances in which the business is transacted;
  •  The amount or value in money of any property involved;
  •  The importance of the matter to you and any special priority you
      request us to give to your matter.
In addition Vat will be charged at the prevailing and applicable rates.

Our charging rates are competitive and compare favourably with many larger practices and other firms in the area

Any estimates given are on the assumption that the matter is not unusually urgent complicated or time consuming. Any estimates we agree will be subject to our right to increase the estimate if the work becomes more complicated than originally anticipated. We will inform you if any unforeseen extra work which becomes necessary, for example, due to unexpected circumstances, or if your requirements or the circumstances change significantly. We will endeavour to inform you in writing of the estimated cost of the extra work before incurring costs and we will attempt to agree an amended charge with you. 


Fixed fee basis of charging usually tends to be in straightforward cases, where it is not hard to predict how muh time will be spent to finish the job.


Responding to the competitive legal market and to prove our worth and commitment in ensuring that there is access to justice, Solomon Legal are able to offer Conditional Fee Agreement("CFA") as a form of funding the costs of your case.

Solomons Legal is pleased to be able to offer Conditional Fee Arrangement in connection with many legal disputes including:-
 Contractual Disputes
 Professional Negligence
 Insolvency
 Personal Injury

What Is No Win, No Fee?

A No Win, No Fee Agreement, otherwise known as a Conditional Fee Agreement ("CFA") is a method by which you can fund your claim for compensation.

In essence the way a "No Win, No Fee" Agreement works is that if you lose you pay nothing and if you win you will receive your damages in tact i.e without any deductions.

How Much will it Cost Me?

In the event that your claim is unsuccessful, you do not have to pay our fees. An insurance policy can be taken out to cover the expenses incurred in pursuing your claim and your opponent's legal costs. The decision to take an insurance policy will depend upon each individual case and the client is advised whether to take out a policy at the outset.

Can I enter into a Conditional Fee Agreement?

Solomons Legal solicitors offer our clients the option to enter into a CFA if there are no other ways of funding your claim. Prior to entering into the CFA a solicitor will discuss with you the other alternative methods of funding available to you. We will then explain the terms of Conditional Fee Agreement before you sign.

Each case is risk assessed. There will obviously be cases where we will not be able to offer a CFA and these will usually be cases where we have considered the risks associated with the case to be untenable, however in such circumstances this may not necessarily preclude you from instructing us on a traditional private retainer.

There are a number of CFA schemes available, which are usually linked to an insurance policy as it would be foolhardy to pursue any legal claim without insurance to cover the associated risks against any costs that might be awarded against you if you fail to win. Unfortunately no case is a guaranteed success.

Quite simply under a CFA, if the case is lost, then we get no payment for all the work which we have undertaken in relation to your case. In return for taking this risk and in return for funding your case for what may be quite a long period of time without any income, we agree with you that if the case is won, then on top of our normal legal fees which the opponent pays, we will receive a "Success Fee". Value Added Tax is always added to the Success Fee. We may be able to reclaim the Success Fee from your opponent.

You can choose to pay all disbursements as the case proceeds out of your own pocket. Or, as most people do, you can take advantage of Disbursement Funding Credit (details below). We do not fund disbursements in any case.

We can usually only offer you this service if at the same time you take out an Insurance Policy, which, for a "one-off" premium, covers you against your opponent's costs and the amount of your own disbursements if you should lose your case. You can however reclaim the Insurance Premium from your opponent, as part of your costs. Also we can offer credit terms to cover for this premium with the net effect that you do not have to pay it at the start. If you are unfortunate enough to lose your case, you do not even have to pay it at the end.

Conditional Fee Agreement Illustration:

Compensation received: 10,000.
Agreed Success Fee: 25% - (Please note this is not 25% of your compensation - it is only 25% of the final legal costs for work we have actually done, and it is claimable from your opponent).
Legal costs: 5000, including solicitors' charges of 4000 (paid by opponent)
Success fee 4000 X 25% = 1,000 + VAT @ 17.5% = 1,175

If for example a 25% cap was agreed then the maximum possible Success Fee (in this example) would be 10,000 X 25% = 2,500 + VAT. As you can reclaim the Success Fee from your opponent and once recovered from your opponent, the Success Fee would be repaid to you, so that the claim may effectively have cost you nothing.

It cannot be guaranteed that the whole of any Success Fee or Premium will be deemed reasonable for the opponent to pay.

Insurance - AEI ("After The Event") Policies

There are a number of policies available on the market, which do not cover your own solicitor's legal fees (on the basis that your solicitor will agree to work "No Win, No Fee"), but which only covers you against the risk of losing. In this country the loser will in the majority of cases have to pay the wining opponents legal costs which could be quite substantial. AEI will provide you with protection against any award of costs against you in favour of your opponent, and against your own "disbursements" - i.e. out of pocket expenses e.g. court fees, medical reports and the like which can be quite expensive.

It is important for you to consider if you already insured. You might already have legal expenses cover, and you should always check your personal papers first, so that you do not risk taking out insurance unnecessarily. Please note that if you take out unnecessary insurance, then even if you win your claim, you will not be able to claim the insurance premium back as a result of which it would ultimate come out of your money.

Legal expenses cover might be included with all sorts of financial deals and may well be found in any of the following:

 Household buildings and contents insurance
 As part of your Motor Insurance policy
 As an add-on to your motor policy; e.g. arranged through your brokers  A passenger injured in a car might be covered by the driver's insurance
 Credit card agreements sometimes include such cover

This list is by no means exhaustive. It is up to you to check what cover you already hold. If you bring your policy documents to us, we will be happy to read and check them for you. Even if you do have cover, you might not be obliged to use it; for example, the cover may be insufficient.

If you do not have any insurance cover we will be able to offer through a network of providers a good value policy to cover such costs. The premium will obviously vary depending on the type of claim you want to pursue but we will ensure that it is competitive and ensure that the range of cover is very good for your own benefit and protection.

There are policies which you can buy that cover you against your own solicitors and your opponent's costs. The insurance underwriter will consider whether they will be able to offer insurance on an individual case basis. You must first complete a Proposal Form, and pay them any fee per application which might of course be refused. Top-up cover could be purchased in the future should the need ever arise, though that may be at higher rates. Obviously you could take the risk of applying for less cover initially and thus pay a lower initial premium.

Combinations of available funding schemes

In some circumstances it may be appropriate to consider a combination of funding options. For example, it may be possible to enter into a CFA with AEI to cover just your opponent's costs, and for your own disbursements but not legal costs, in combination with a Conditional Fee Agreement in respect of our own costs (if we offer one) or possibly funding your own costs privately.

Disbursement Funding

Disbursements are those payments that we have to make on your behalf, to other people or agencies. For example, during an average court case we may have to pay the court fees on commencement of the action, allocation and trial fees, witness summonses, application fees etc etc. Medical reports, including GP fees and hospital charges. If the case gets to trial and the court allows expert attendance, experts can each charge many hundreds of pounds for each day they have to spend in Court. As you can see, the cash outlays for any case are likely to be quite substantial and will increase as the case goes on.

We cannot fund the disbursements on clients' behalf. You must be able to pay for such disbursements from your own savings and resources. Alternatively you can seek credit funding from any financial institution.

If you do not wish to pay for these disbursements as the case goes on, then we can arrange credit for you under various funding schemes but in so advising you of the availability of such schemes we are not offering you any financial advice.

You complete a credit application form which is submitted to the Lender. If your credit is approved, the Lender will pay the disbursements as the case goes on, up to your agreed credit limit. You are charged interest on the balance outstanding. Payments can be made by you to reduce the balance, and thus the interest, as the case goes on but you are not obliged to pay anything until the case finishes. The interest will always be payable by you.

There is no need for you to take out any credit arrangements at all, if you prefer to fund the necessary payments from your own pocket as the case goes along.


Solomons Legal is pleased to be able to offer Contingency fee agreement in connection with many employment legal disputes.

A Contingency Fee Agreement with a firm of solicitors means that you pay a percentage of your compensation (if any). This is not permitted for court work therefore can not be offered to clients pursuing a personal injury claim, However Contingency Fee Agreements are allowed for tribunal work and as the vast majority of employment claims are dealt with by the employment tribunals, we can offer our clients' the option to enter into the agreement.


You may qualify for financial help with your case, if that type of case is eligible for public funding and if you qualify financially (public funding may be free, or with a monthly contribution, depending on your financial means). Your case must be sufficiently deserving to pass an appropriate merits test. Please note that the government has abolished almost all legal aid for personal injury claims. There however remains only a restrictive category of legal areas for which public funding is still available. Only franchised firms are able to deliver publicly funded services. Public funding is usually obtained by completing appropriate forms and an application may take 2 or 3 weeks to complete. Some forms of criminal and emergency public funding may be available immediately. Unfortunately Solomons Legal does not undertake any public funding work.

It is important to understand that, even if you have public funding or considering applying for public funding, it does not mean that you will never have to pay anything. Public funding charges will first of all come out of any money or property you recover or preserve. Also, you may be ordered to pay all or part of your opponents costs, although public funding may at least offer some protection and the court would have to judge what amount was fair. Public funding will usually fund disbursements (i.e. out of pocket expenses, such as court fees). Public funding is not only restrictive but can be unnecessarily bureaucratic and slow to meet your immediate needs and concerns.

In recent years the legal landscape has been changing rapidly and has witnessed a growth in privately funded litigation with a corresponding decrease in public funding, especially with emergence of Conditional Fee Agreements. You may assess that Public Funding is not for you in which case in which case we will be happy to assist you.


As you can see, there are various options to consider and we will of course be happy to discuss your particular requirements with you without commitment.
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