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Litigation involves choices, and choices provide opportunities to position our clients to achieve the best levels of success.

The strength and direction of our approach is controlled by you. From the outset you will be given clear, costed guidance on all available options, whether negotiating for an early settlement or driving a claim forward through to court proceedings. An expert team reviews the tactical and strategic decisions that need to be made in the management of disputes, adapted to your needs and resources, whether that involves strengthening your position or by broadening the range of innovative options available to you in finding a solution.

Careful analysis of the legal and factual issues enables us to provide practical, clear cut advice, designed to avoid confusion and unproductive compromise, thus enabling you to take an informed view of the various options that might emerge as the dispute progresses. With our knowledge, experience and support, and by utilising every available resource to gain a favourable result for our clients, we can assure you that you are in good experts hands. Some cases benefit from persuasive negotiation skills, which can enable clients to achieve a favourable and fair settlement without going to Court. However, and only as a last resort, some cases are only successfully resolved by applying extensive range of litigation tactics.

Adopting the right approach is particularly important. Knowing the law is only half the battle; the tactics and underpinning strategy have to be correct and bolstered with the assembly of the right team of counsel and experts, so as to achieve the most satisfactory solution for our clients. We have strong links with commercial barristers chambers and expert witnesses which provide a further layer of assistance and expertise.

With major dispute matters, we will often put together a team made up of members from other departments. We encourage full reporting at each stage to keep you fully informed. The benefit for the client is an efficient and seamless cost-effective service.

We are experienced in methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedure for resolving disputes. We see the benefits to clients this brings (especially in saving costs) over the traditional court route, and we are aware of sources of funding for legal costs.

Our disputes team is well recognised for its high levels of expertise including, but not limited to, the following areas:-

  • Commercial Disputes (National & International).

  • Insurance Disputes.

  • Professional Negligence claims against solicitors, accountants, architects, financial advisors and other professionals.

  • Bankruptcies.

  • Winding Up Proceedings.

  • Partnership Disputes.

  • Company Disputes.

  • Shareholder & Valuation Disputes.

  • Joint Venture Disputes.

  • Commercial Fraud.
  • Claims by/against Directors arising out of breach of their duties including Directors Disqualification proceedings.

  • Property Litigation- Boundary & Right Of Way.

  • Landlord & Tenant Disputes.

  • Debt Recovery.

  • Constructions & Engineering Disputes.

  • Intellectual Property Disputes e.g. passing off actions.

  • Contentious Probate.

If your particular problem is not listed above, we may still be able to help you, so please contact us.

We are happy to discuss your case and give you an indication of the likely costs involved for the services you require. To find out more about our services please contact us

We hit the target....more than once

We hit the target....more than once

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